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Wreck This Journal- Now in Color Book Review

If you’re a creative type, you might enjoy Wreck This Journal- Now in Color. The internationally bestselling book has sold over seven million copies and is the perfect companion for destroying everything in sight. This new edition includes new prompts for painting, shredding, and transforming. Not only does it have all of the same prompts as the original, but it’s also in full color! The book is perfect for those who love to experiment with colour.

Wreck This Journal is a bestselling book that encourages creative destruction. Now, it’s available in full color, and is even better than before! There are prompts for shredding, painting, and transforming. There’s something for everyone in Wreck This Journal- Now in Color! And while the old edition still has all the same fun prompts, the new edition includes some brand new ones, too!

This new edition of Wreck This Journal is full of colour and has new prompts to paint, shred, and transform. It also includes some of the old favourite prompts. There’s plenty of opportunity for you to unleash your inner creativity and get creative. But don’t worry, this book won’t end up being too messy – the new edition is packed with ideas to make your journal even more unique.