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Wish You Were Here- A Novel Book Review

In Wish You Were Here- A Novel Book review, I’ll discuss the themes of love and purpose. Diana, a farmer in the Isle of Wight, meets a stranger on the street who seems to have a strange secret. This mysterious man becomes her obsession and she can’t seem to get him out of her head. As she tries to figure out what this man’s secret is, she discovers that he is a soldier who is being hunted.

Wish You Were Here- A Novel Book review will focus on the plot and the writing style. The novel is very realistic and focuses on the world after a pandemic, which makes it a believable read. The characters and the storyline are very realistic. A character named Diana O’Toole, who is an ambitious young doctor in New York City, is forced to face the reality of living in a world ravaged by a disease. She finds herself alone and unsure of how to go forward with her life.

Wish You Were Here- A Novel Book review is a must read for anyone who is interested in a book about a deadly epidemic. The plot focuses on how one woman finds herself after a devastating experience such as the Covid-19 pandemic. The novel is based on a true story of a Japanese tourist who is stranded on an island in the Galapagos Islands during the outbreak of the Covid virus. Her boyfriend Finn, a physician in New York City, tells her that she should go to the Galapagos Islands regardless of what happens to her.