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Where’s Spot? Book Review

The original Where’s Spot? is a classic lift-the-flap book. On the 40th anniversary of its publication, a new edition celebrates the mischievous puppy’s 40 years on earth. In this story, young children learn how to find Spot in a variety of hiding places including the piano and under the bed. As they solve the puzzle of where Spot is hiding, they learn that there are plenty of other animals and plants around the house.

Where’s Spot? is a delightful book about a lovable puppy, and I recommend it for both children and adults. The illustrations are beautiful and the text is entertaining, making it an excellent first read for a child. The simple, repetitive story is suitable for young readers and encourages parents and children to sit down together to read and play. The hide-and-seek flaps and playful language will engage children and encourage them to explore their environment.

Where’s Spot? is a beautiful book for a little girl or boy. The illustrations are bright and colorful and will keep a child’s attention until the end. It’s a cute lift-the-flap book with a great message: “Don’t touch the flaps! Don’t touch the flaps! Let your child explore the world around them!” The fun is endless!