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What Happened to You? – Conversations on Trauma Resilience and Healing Book Review

Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Perry discuss early childhood experiences and how these can impact our adult behavior. Many of us are unaware of the ways our early experiences can influence our adult behaviors. The authors also discuss the importance of accepting ourselves and others as they are. What happened to you when you were younger? How did you deal with bad experiences as a child? How did your parents react to your behavior?

This book is an accessible overview of the theories behind trauma recovery. It does not cover new information or make controversial claims. Instead, it focuses on the importance of community, culture, and meaning in healing. While the title may be misleading, “What Happened to You?” provides plenty of useful information for people who have experienced traumatic events. A summary of the book is below.

The book is a thorough introduction to the field of trauma treatment. It explores the concept of brain trauma, and provides a useful way to apply this information to your own life. Despite being a comprehensive guide to the theory of trauma and its effect on the brain, the book is a quick read for those seeking a more thorough understanding of the subject. It is also a good place to start if you have never heard of this topic before.