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WeRateDogs 2022 Day-To-Day Calendar Book Review

The WeRateDogs 2022 Day to Day Calendar is a calendar inspired by the popular Twitter and Instagram account. Each day, a new picture of a dog is featured on the page, and the captions are written by the creator, Matt Nelson. The calendar is designed to be fun and engaging for both dog lovers and non-dog lovers alike. In addition to featuring adorable dog photos, the calendar also lets you create your own gift or reading list.

The company behind WeRateDogs was founded by Matt Nelson, who runs the twitter accounts @dog_rates and @dog_feelings. He studied at Campbell University in North Carolina for two years, but later dropped out to pursue a career in social media. He now lives in Charleston, WV. WeRateDogs is a product of Matt Nelson’s personal experiences and the content in his blog and on his website.

WeRateDogs LLC is owned by Matt Nelson, who runs the Twitter accounts @dog_rates and @dog_feelings. He has studied biology and chemistry at Campbell University for two years, but then dropped out in order to pursue a career in social media. He currently lives in Charleston, WV. He is the owner of WeRateDogs LLC and also the owner of the Twitter accounts @dog_rates and #dog_feelings.