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Untamed Book Review

Untamed is a book about the power of family. It’s a memoir about divorce and rebuilding a blended family. Glennon Doyle is an activist and philanthropist who has written a number of memoirs. This one is an intimate and forceful portrait of one woman’s journey through divorce and rebuilding a new life. While her experiences were real and relatable, the themes of race, gender, and misogyny are complex and layered. Readers will feel a sense of empathy and compassion for Doyle’s characters.

The central theme of Untamed is about learning to listen to your inner voice. It challenges readers to pay attention to subtle indoctrination and live your own truth. The book is about becoming who you are, not what the world says you should be. Despite the fact that it’s a quick read, you’ll be left thinking long after you finish it. However, this is one book that will make you think deeply.

Although this memoir is about the author’s second marriage, it speaks to ideas that are universal for women. From the birth of a child, to the formation of a blended family, the author shows us how to live our lives according to what we really want. And while the book focuses on a woman’s faith and sexuality, it also shows how to navigate a world of misogyny, body shame, and stifling desires.