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Tiny T Rex and the Perfect Lover Book Review

This Valentine’s Day board book adventure features bestselling character Tiny T. Rex, a tyrannosaurus rex who’s on a mission to create the perfect valentine for his friend Pointy. He’s determined to follow a chalkboard blueprint to create the perfect card, but he soon finds that this plan doesn’t always work out as planned. When he discovers that the best Valentine he could make was already present, he begins to realize that his friend Pointy is the perfect mate for him.

A popular picture book character, Tiny T. Rex, is back in Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug and Tiny T. Rex and the Perfect Lover is the perfect book to give your little one this Valentine’s Day. The storyline is simple, and the characters are endearing. This rhyming board book is sure to please children and parents alike.

A fun, engaging story with a cute dinosaur cast makes Tiny T. Rex a favorite among fans of picture books. He struggles with spelling and tries to be extra fancy with his valentine. The end result is an adorable and memorable story for young kids! The book includes a printable puzzle, and a website with the Tiny T. Rex and the Perfect Lover.