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The Unhoneymooners Book Review

The Unhoneymooners is an engrossing romantic comedy. The story follows Olive Torres and her twin sister, Ami. Ami is an extremely lucky person, and her wedding to handsome Dane was paid for by winning a sweepstakes. However, Olive is unlucky and finds it difficult to find the perfect guy for her. After being dumped by her girlfriend, Olive ends up spending time with the best man, Ethan, who is a jerk.

The Unhoneymooners is a humorous novel that deals with sibling issues and marriage problems. It is a fast-paced read that will keep you laughing throughout. The premise of the novel is a fake honeymoon that is based on real events. The characters are lovable and the storyline is sweet, despite the unrealistic situations. There are a few pitfalls, but it’s a great read!

While it is not exactly a realistic novel, The Unhoneymooners is an entertaining novel about marriage problems and how they are resolved. As the title suggests, the novel is a rom-com and follows two couples who are not married but who are attempting to fake it. The main character, Olive, is the twin with bad luck, and her sister has unsinkable good luck. They are a fun couple, and readers will love them no matter what!