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The Screaming Goat – Book & Figure Book Review

The Screaming Goat is a young man’s journey to find his biological father and get into college. He has a hippie mother and is best friends with the Goat Man, who produces bud. Unfortunately, Ellis has other ideas and needs to attend prep school to earn a better grade. The story revolves around Ellis and his quest for a biological father. Despite a pointless storyline, the characters are endearing and the reader will likely want to keep reading.

The Screaming Goat is a comedy based on viral videos and internet memes. The main character, Ellis, has a mouth that animates and is capable of initiating sound with a squeeze of his body. The movie is a fun, quirky comedy that will appeal to many fans. The characters in the film are wonderfully diverse and entertaining. In addition, the writing is well done, with the script being perfect balance between comedy and drama. Actors such as Graham Phillips of ‘The Good Wife’ and David Duchovny are superb in this role. Justin Kirk and Ty Burrell are also excellent in the role of the smart kid.

The story revolves around Ellis and his mother, who smoke weed and take goat treks. The Goat Man’s mother is an oddball, preachy woman who talks in nonsense philosophical quips about becoming one with nature. The young man, Ellis, is a prep student who isn’t getting along with his new roommate. The Goat Man is also a strange character and makes his life difficult.