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The Mountain Is You- Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery Book Review

The Mountain Is You- Transforming Selfabsorption Into Personal Mastery is a self-development book about the psychology of change. It’s written by a certified coach who has helped hundreds of clients transform their lives through the power of positive thinking. Despite the high quality of this book, some of its topics can be difficult to understand. This review will help you to understand the book’s core concepts.

The first concept is that the mountain is you. It’s the reason you’re here. This mountain is the calling you were given in life. And if you don’t master it now, it will be behind you tomorrow. It’s a fact that you can only master a mountain if you master yourself. The only thing that holds you back is yourself.

The second concept is that your mountain is the calling you’ve been given. It’s the purpose you’ve come to this world. You’ll leave it behind one day. But before you can conquer the mountain, you must learn to master yourself. Nothing will hold you back from achieving your goals more than your own mindset. And it’s the mountain you must conquer.|