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The Lincoln Highway- A Novel Book Review

The Washington Post deemed The Good Book of the Year award for The Lincoln Highway- A Novel. It is wise, wildly entertaining, and permeated by light. This is the kind of book to read with young people and recommend to others. It is a perfect choice for a winter getaway or a long road trip. I highly recommend this book. It is wise, wildly entertaining, & permeated with light.

A novel by Amor Towles that has very little in common with his previous books, The Lincoln Highway is a refreshing departure from the author’s other novels. While this novel is named after the famous road that spans the country from east to west, it is named after the president who united the north and south. Despite being over 600 pages long, it remains a gripping read that is worth reading if you love adventure stories.

Although the novel does have its moments of brilliance, it is also filled with stretches of dull text. This book is for adventure readers who love to travel, so the book is a great choice. It will captivate your attention, but you might have to push yourself to finish it. If you are a fan of historical fiction, this is a wonderful choice. The writing style and the era-appropriate themes make “The Lincoln Highway- A Novel Book Review” a great read for history buffs.