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The Great Reset- Joe Biden and the Rise of Twenty-First Century Fascism Book Review

The Great Reset- Joe Biden and The Rise of Twenty-First-Century Fascism is the latest bestseller from New York Times bestselling author Glenn Beck. It warns of an international conspiracy involving powerful bankers, government officials, and global institutions. The Great Reset calls for radical changes to all societies on earth, but how will these changes affect us? Will we survive? Will we survive the Great Reset? Will the United States ever recover?

The Great Reset- Joe Biden and The Rise of Twenty-First-CenturY Fascism is a disturbing book that aims to answer these questions. Its title hints at the rise of twenty-first century fascism, and it is a frightening prospect. The Great Reset- Joe and the Rising of Twenty-First-Century Federal Fascism is a timely and important read that will help the American people make informed decisions.

The book’s central thesis is that we are living in an era of extreme capitalism, where the rise of fascism is a growing threat to the free market. But it also shows that bipartisanship and progressive values are threatening the very foundation of the free-market economy. If we allow the current president to rule the United States, the resulting fascism will have unintended consequences.