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The 1619 Project-A New Origin Story Book Review

The 1619 Project-A New Origin Story is a ground-breaking work of journalism. It offers a fresh perspective on America’s past and present. Its inclusion of 18 essays, 36 poems, and works of fiction makes it a must-read. It illuminates key moments of oppression, struggle, and resistance. The author shows how the inherited legacy of 1619 still affects contemporary American society, ranging from capitalism to religion to democracy.

The 1619 Project- A New Origin Story is a thought experiment that focuses on the arrival of enslaved people from Africa to Virginia. Nikole Hannah-Jones, the author of the book, joined ABC7 to talk about the book. She talked about why she decided to write this book and how it’ll help readers understand the origin of the United States. Her message is important to many people, as it highlights how a society can come to accept its own history, even if it’s not its own.

Nikole Hannah-Jones’s book is groundbreaking journalism. The book offers a deep and vivid view of American history and the roots of racial injustice. It’s a fascinating book for anyone interested in American history, and a must-read for readers. There are many things to like about The 1619 Project-A New Origin Story. Consider it if you’re interested in reading a book about slavery.