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Taste- My Life Through Food Book Review

Michael Stanley’s memoir, Taste- My Life Through Food, is an absorbing reflection on the intersection of food and life. The bestselling author was born in Westchester, NY, and became an international superstar by starring in the hit movies Julie & Julia and Big Night. A lifelong lover of cooking and food, he cultivated an interest in nutrition and health by creating conversation-starting meals for his two children. Written with his trademark wry humor, Taste is a delight for fans of Bill Buford, Gabrielle Hamilton, and Ruth Reichl.

The book is full of vivid detail and a fascinating perspective on how food affects our lives. Tucci’s memoir is a reflection on the intersection of love and food, which will have readers paying close attention to their food consumption. The book is a treat for any foodie, and will make even the most avid gourmet pay attention to the flavors in their own dishes. Throughout, the author’s signature wry humor carries the story along and will entertain readers of all ages.

While the book contains plenty of delicious recipes, the story has an odd ending. After being diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2017, Tucci underwent a brutal radiation treatment. As a result, he lost his appetite and had to feed himself for six months through a feeding tube in his stomach. During this time, Tucci wrote a memoir devoted to the relationship between food and love. It’s a memoir that’s worth reading if you’re a foodie.