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Reminders of Him – A Novel Book Review

Reminders of Him is a gorgeous, heartbreaking novel by Colleen Hoover. While the story is not a happy one, it is a very realistic portrait of grief, loss, and forgiveness, as well as the power of love. In a time when it is hard to find hope for a lost love, Reminders of Him is a breath of fresh air. It is an enchanting read that will leave readers thinking long and hard about what happened to their loved ones.

A troubled young mother yearns for a second chance. Five years have passed since she made a tragic mistake, and she is determined to make amends with her four-year-old daughter. However, she has burned bridges and has been surrounded by people who want to keep her out of her daughter’s life. With her daughter in the midst of her grief, a chance for redemption is all but lost.

Reminders of Him is an emotional masterpiece. It is a story about love and loss, and the power of forgiveness and the healing powers of love. You will feel for the characters, and be completely engrossed in the story. You will also feel for the characters. The ending is heartbreaking and will leave you with goosebumps. While it is not the perfect love story, Reminders of Him will definitely have you tearing up as you read.