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Redeeming Love Book Review

This novel has many redeeming qualities, and is definitely not a bedtime book. However, if you want your daughter to love the book as much as you do, you will need to read it first. You’ll also need to have some talking points in mind before you pass it on. Discuss the character of Christ, and how to lead your daughter to a relationship with Him. Redeeming Love is a story about friendship, and it will be a good read if you and your daughter both appreciate Christian fiction.

Although this novel contains plenty of romance, it’s more than just pure entertainment. It challenges its readers to think deeply about what they believe. Rivers begins each chapter with a quote from the Bible or from a poet, philosopher, or playwright. This allows the reader to enter into a conversation about the overarching themes of the novel. For those who are interested in reading more about the Christian faith, Redeeming Love may be worth reading.

While the novel is not a romance, it is far from being pure entertainment. Rather, it engages its readers’ philosophical minds by challenging their preconceived notions. Rivers opens each chapter with a quote from the Bible, a philosopher, or a poet, and then draws the reader into a discussion about the overarching themes of love. The end of the book is bittersweet, but the story is inspiring and life-changing.