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Project Hail Mary – A Novel Book Review

“Project Hail Mary” is not an all-encompassing science fiction book. The plot begins with a character awakening from a coma aboard a strange spaceship. He has no memory of his past life, no idea what he’s doing, or why he was selected, and must make an informed decision on the future of Earth. This 500-page thriller alternates between contagion and amnesia stories, and it’s a variation on the first contact scenario that enthralls readers.

In the first chapter, Ryland Grace has amnesia and no idea where he is, and no idea who he is. The rest of the book is a comedy of errors, as he learns to communicate with an alien with a metallic-based body. The plot moves quickly, and the two characters form a tight bond. Unlike most science fiction books, this book is a romp through space and time.

The novel is an absorbing and entertaining sci-fi tale of the human condition on a grand scale. The concept behind it is quite interesting, with a lone astronaut sent on a mission to save the human race from destruction. The plot is complicated, filled with science, and the characters are incredibly well-developed. It’s also a book about friendship and courage. If you’ve ever wanted to take a trip into the distant future, you should pick this book up.