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People We Meet on Vacation Book Review

A will-they-won’t-they romance with a predictable ending, People We Meet on Vacation is a fun read. The story revolves around Poppy and Alex, two best friends from college. While Alex and Poppy share many traits, they are different in many ways. While they both desire adventure, their friendship stalls after one kiss. As the two meet in Palm Springs, they rekindle their love affair, only to part ways. The book is also a great read for readers who love romance with their friends.

This book is about a couple of best friends who travel together. They first meet on vacation at a family reunion and end up getting a chance to bond over their shared experiences. But their friendship is threatened after they go on a weird vacation two years ago. This summer, Poppy wants to repair their friendship and deal with her deeper feelings for Alex. She also wants to be the best friend to both of them.

Emily Henry’s writing style is confident and sometimes funny. She tells sweet stories of the friendships of strangers. She has a great way with words, which make the characters come alive. This summer holiday novel will be a summertime must-read for all couples. The breezy and charming style of the book will make readers feel envious. Moreover, the romantic tension and tender moments will leave readers wanting more.