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November 9- A Novel Book Review

November 9, a novel by #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover, is a compelling new adult romance story. Set during the fall, the novel follows two teenagers who meet on the date of Ben’s cross-country move. After meeting each other for the first time, Fallon becomes Ben’s creative inspiration, and they continue to meet on the same date every year. As the two become closer, Fallon begins to question Ben’s story.

After a disastrous lunch with Fallon’s father, Ben and Colleen decide to reunite in a New York cafe, where Fallon will be able to meet Ben for the first time. Ben and Fallon develop an instant connection, and the two decide to spend the entire day together every November 9. They will try to avoid falling in love before they’re 23, but that doesn’t work out. The novel is divided into three parts based on the dates each character will celebrate on November 9.

Ben and Fallon’s relationship develops over the course of five years. They have been together for a decade, but have agreed to have no contact until they’re 23. Their age difference isn’t a problem, though a relationship may be a little too late. While they’re still young, their love story begins to blossom. During their first meeting, Ben proposes that they meet annually on November 9. The couple decides to meet on November 9 for five years, and that’s when their romance begins.|