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Monsters Go Night-Night Book Review

When you have a little one, night time is a special time. You cuddle up with them and read them books that have a bedtime theme. Monsters Go Night-Night is a cute book that tells about the crazy bedtime habits of monsters. This book also tells about normal bedtime activities, like reading a story, and cuddling. If your kid enjoys these activities, you’ll love this book.

The book is full of cute illustrations and is a great way to teach children how to go to bed. It also teaches children the importance of a regular bedtime routine. Baby gets ready for bed with everything he needs to get ready for the night. He says night-night to his teddy bear, his toothbrush, his stuffed animal, and his pacifier. There are plenty of illustrations and a narrator that makes the story fun.

Every monster has different bedtime rituals, so you’ll have to figure out which one fits your child’s needs best. Some monsters don’t brush their teeth, while others don’t wear slippers or nightcaps. Some even cuddle with their stuffed animals, such as a teddy bear. You’ll find that the Monsters Go Night-Night Book Review is sure to satisfy your little monster lover.