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It Ends With Us- A Novel Book Review

It Ends with Us- A Novel Book Reviews aims to give the readers a chance to understand the book’s unique theme, setting, and characters. Written by New York Times bestselling author Anna Todd, the novel is both enchanting and harrowing. A story involving two families and three sets of siblings comes to life in this romantic, poignant, and eloquent novel.

The novel is written by Colleen Hoover, a young woman who grew up in an abusive household and fell in love with a homeless boy at the age of fifteen. Despite her parents’ intentions, Lily leaves home and opens up a flower shop in Boston. Along the way, she meets handsome neurosurgeon Ryle, who has no plans to settle down and start a family. She then falls in love with her long-term boyfriend, Ryle, and meets a man named Atlas. In addition, Lily has to deal with the re-emergence of her former lover, Atlas.

The book begins with the story of Lily Bloom, who escaped from an abusive family and has moved to Boston to make a fresh start. There, she meets Dr. Ryle Kincaid, a charming, suave neurosurgeon who has been a mentor to her since she was fifteen. The two develop a connection and grow closer as the story unfolds. Ultimately, Lily and Ryle are destined to become lovers, and they will be forever connected to one another and each other.