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I Am Confident Brave and Beautiful – A Coloring Book for Girls Book Review

I Am Confident Brave & Beautiful aims to encourage a girl’s confidence, spirit, and imagination by offering 20+ pages filled with inspirational quotes. This book will inspire your child to think outside the box and express her true self. You can also use the coloring pages to encourage a conversation with an adult. If your daughter is a budding artist, this coloring book will be a great addition to her art supplies.

This coloring book is suitable for the youngest of girls. The thick paper in the book allows her to color with markers and pens. There are also several craft pages for girls to use with glitter glue and pom poms. The theme of the book makes it stand out from other coloring books for girls. The pages focus on empowering girls and encouraging them to think beyond social conventions.

As an adult, I’m proud to say that I have a daughter who is incredibly confident and brave. This coloring book is just as inspiring for me as it is for my own daughters. The pages are full of whimsical doodles, including unicorns, nature scenes, cats, trees, clouds, rainbows, and space scenes. I’m not an artist, but I am a mom, and I love that this book teaches girls to be confident and beautiful.