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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – MinaLima Edition -Illustrated Edition -2 Book Review

The MinaLima Edition of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the illustrated edition of the first book in the series. The story starts with the introduction of the chosen house and its key alumnae. Ravenclaw is represented by the ghost Moaning Myrtle, who screams in pain whenever he opens it. The Slytherin house is represented by Tom Riddle and Severus Snape, both of whom are key characters. The storyline is then introduced.

The book follows the story of the first book. While the book starts off with the harrowing death of Professor Snape, the reader will soon discover the premise of the sequel: the chamber is a dark and gloomy place, populated with magical creatures. This chamber houses a large monster that is supposed to control Harry Potter. The Goblet of Fire is a 734-page tome that shows less creativity than the first three.

The story is centered around the return of Harry Potter to Hogwarts. He is back in a different house, and he is trying to figure out why he was sent back. The Goblet of