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Dilbert 2022 Day-To-Day Calendar Book Review

If you are a fan of the Dilbert comic strip, then you have probably already bought a Dilbert 2022 Day-to-day calendar. This calendar has a full year’s worth of Dilbert strips. In addition to the daily spreads, this calendar also includes bonus Dogbert file folders! The artwork on this calendar is quite impressive, as it is a great example of Scott Adams’ artistic talent.

This calendar is a fantastic way to keep track of Dilbert’s day-to-day schedule. This calendar contains a whole year’s worth of Dilbert strips. As the creator of the comic, it is a great way to celebrate this beloved series. If you love the characters of Dilbert, you’ll enjoy this calendar, too. It is a great gift for Dilbert fans!

The Dilbert 2022 Day-to-day calendar features an entire year’s worth of Dilbert strips! The popular comic strip is created by Scott Adams, a former tech worker at Pacific Bell, who was downsized in 1995. He has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost four decades, and the comic has become an American classic. In this calendar, he and his gang return for another year of corporate insanity.