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Crying in H Mart – A Memoir Book Review

Crying in H Mart is a memoir by Alice Stephens. It follows the author’s life from her early days in Korea, where she grew up in a small town. Her writing has been featured in numerous magazines, including The New York Times Magazine, The Believer, and The Baffler. Her story is one of loss, but also growth. She describes how she coped with her mother’s illness.

Crying in H Mart begins with an essay about Zauner’s childhood. The book follows a chronological timeline, starting with her early childhood, and ending with her mother’s diagnosis of cancer in her early twenties. The book ends with a sense of melancholy, despite its sophisticated themes. It’s also a book about race, grief, and the love a mother can give.

The opening essay in Crying in H Mart is short and poignant. The author’s voice is as powerful on the page as it is on the stage. This memoir is filled with personal anecdotes, including photos of her family. The writing is lucid and honest. This memoir is a treat for readers, both young and old. I highly recommend it. It will leave you feeling a warm glow.