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Cloud Cuckoo Land – A Novel Book Review

I’m not sure why the serious novel world is so devoid of such fun. This book is so buoyant with humanity that it could survive the end of the world, and I’m glad I waited seven years to read it. But maybe stories are made to last, and I hope it survives too. Until then, let’s enjoy this book and get ready for the next one.

The story centers around the characters Omeir and Anna, a teenage idealist and a cynic who longs to fly. Their adventure begins when they discover that their books are degraded and missing the last folio. After many days of rummaging through the library, they find a secret room filled with ancient texts, which is the book’s saving grace.

The book’s central idea is that mankind can build a utopian city in the sky, but it’s just a dream. The author’s novel, Cloud Cuckoo Land- A Novel, is a lyrical masterpiece. The plotline is interwoven, and the story’s scope is both wide and deep. The Greek text is a central piece of the plot, and Doerr’s characters orbit around it in a way that feels like a dream. The characters are rich, and the characters are well-developed, which makes this book a standout in a big fiction year.

The story is interesting, and it takes place in the far future. It jumps between two time periods, but the story remains cohesive. The plot is very unique and I found it hard to put the book down. Despite the fact that the book is a novel, it’s an excellent read for anyone who likes fantasy books. If you’re a fan of classic literature, Cloud Cuckoo Land- A Novel is a great choice for you.