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Changing With the Tides Book Review

Changing With the Tides is a collection of poems and letters, written by Joanna Rees. She delves into the world of the super-rich and the elite, using a series of fictional characters to portray the complexities of everyday life. The themes of this story include anxiety, loss, and unhealthy relationships, as well as the importance of individual and community action to preserve the world’s ecosystems.

The novel’s prose is lyrical, yet darkly funny. Even though the characters are young, Vida manages to keep them complex and engaging. Eulabee is a great protagonist, poised at the brink of maturity and youth, and she unpacks every loss of innocence with sensitivity and wry humor. Despite its short length, the novel is full of striking highs and lows, sweeping undercurrents, and an overwhelming power.

Changing With the Tides is a book about the human struggle to love and be loved. In an era of climate change and global warming, this book is about how humans are coping with the impact of climate change, despite the fact that they are not consciously aware of it. As such, the story is powerful and a must-read for any reader who wants to learn more about the state of the world.