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Call Us What We Carry – Poems Book Review

In “Call Us What We Carry,” poet Joyce Carol Oates writes about the importance of black lives in this country. The poet, a descendant of slaves, uses an old soldier’s journal and the testimony of Roy Underwood Plummer to tackle the complexities of loss and grief. This poetic collection is full of self-awareness and candour, and is an important addition to the literary scene.

Although this is a poetry collection, its content is more appropriate for mature middle-grade and adolescent readers. Younger readers may be put off by some of the more complex ideas and images that are explored. This poetry collection is not intended for children, but rather for teens. It is best for young adults and college students who are already comfortable with more serious texts. While this collection is a wonderful gift for the poet and the reader alike, it is a bit too dark for the underage.

While it may sound heavy and academic, it is a welcome addition to the poetry world. For the poet and the poetess, this collection of poems will be a valuable addition to the poetry world. With a focus on unity, Gorman’s work encapsulates the complexities of human identity. While many writers struggle to create a cohesive collection of poetry, this one is definitely worth the read.