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Beach Read Book Review

This review of the Beach Read Book by Emily Dickinson is a great read for people who like romance and women’s fiction. In this novel, January Andrews has a book due from her agent and is broke. However, her father’s death has caused her to go through a difficult time and she has found out that he has had an affair with a married woman. This is what drives her to write the book and she escapes to the beach, where her father has a second home.

This book is a fun summer read by Emily Henry. It has plenty of depth and emotion, an interesting lead couple, and interesting observations about the writing community. I particularly enjoyed the author’s insight into her own life and writing process. It also touches on some important topics like the writing community and death cults. This review will be brief and not too long, but I did enjoy the novel. We all deserve to read books that make us feel good!

‘Beach Read’ is a rom-com that’s both entertaining and accessible. The chemistry between January and Gus is wonderful, and there is a lot of sexual tension in the story. The two writers share a kitchen with mirror images so they can see each other through the windows. The two write notes and hold them up to each other to communicate. They become friends and eventually fall in love. In this way, Beach Read is a fantastic read and will satisfy anyone looking for a light, breezy rom-com.