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All About Love – New Visions Book Review

This review is a brief overview of the book, “All About Love- New Visions” by Bell Hooks. The book explores how contemporary society has distorted the notion of love, challenging our cultural paradigm that romantic love is infused with sex. As a result, this book presents a new path to true love. As a result, Bell Hooks was named one of “100 Visionaries to Change Your Life.” Her new book is timely confirmation of her ability to change hearts.

In this book, author Marian Hooks explores the question, “What is love?” with thirteen short chapters. Hooks delves into the human quest for emotional connection and how our society has failed to provide a model for learning how to love. In addition, she challenges the cultural paradigm that sex is the ideal form of love and provides a fresh path to love. Her insightful insights have earned her recognition as one of the world’s most influential visionaries.

In this book, Bell Hooks explores the concept of love through thirteen concise chapters. In this book, she explores the search for emotional connection and how society has failed to provide a model for us to learn how to love. She also questions the cultural paradigm that ideal love is infused with sex and provides a new model of love. She is a modern-day visionary and has earned the title.